Intro to Electronic Signatures (eSign01)

B. REAA Non-Verified → 2 Hour Non-Verified


An introductory course, covering the history, legal status, use in Real Estate and future of Electronically Signed documents. This course replaces our older course and has been entirely re-written from scratch.

This course will also review the major vendors, providing eSign services.

Certificate Title: Intro to eSignature (2 Hrs) NV

  • What Do We Mean By Electronic Signatures
  • Electronic signature
  • Are Electronic Signatures Legally Binding?
  • Not All Electronic Signatures Hold Legal Water
  • An Early Review of The Act
  • eSign Service Comparisons
  • Yozones - An Originator
  • Yozons -Introducing Open eSignForms Video
  • HelloSign
  • DocuSign Demo
  • EchoSign From Adobe
  • Singority Electronic Signatures
  • Signotity Demo Video
  • Signority Audit Sample
  • SecuredSigning Service
  • Right Signature
  • Right Signature - Plans & Features
  • CoSign
  • eSign Genie Quick Overview
  • eSign Genie Features Comparison
  • eSign For FREE - Almost That Is
  • Appendix 1 - Can e-Agent Assist In Setting Up My eSign Service?
  • survey_eSign
  • What Features Are Required For Electronic Signatures In NZ Real Estate
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever