Introduction to Buyers Agency (IBA NV-5)

B. REAA Non-Verified → 5 Hour Non-Verified


An Introduction To Buyer Agency
In The New Zealand Real Estate Market

This first-of-a-kind introductory course, considers Buyer Agency, as it is practiced in the United States, Australia, Canada and elsewhere; the impact of the 2008 REAA Act on Buyer Agency in New Zealand; the ethical issues that are the basis for Buyer Agency and how to possibly make a living, by acting as a Buyer’s Agent.

As this is a brand new area of practice in New Zealand, there is more to be determined than is currently known, so this course will also serve as a “sounding board” for an open online discussion of the topic.

There are short “self assessments” at the end of several chapters. These assessments are optional, but we recommend you take them to help solidify what you have just learned.
The scores from these assessments are not sent to REAA, nor used to evaluate your knowledge…. they are just there to help you make best use of the materials.

This course is video enhanced!

5 Hours: REAA Non-Verifiable Training
Presented By: e-Agent NZ Ltd
Written By Dr. Lee Konowe

Certificate Title: Intro Buyers Agency (5 hrs) NV

  • Introduction to Buyers Agency (Revised)
  • What is “Buyer Agency” and why should you care.
  • Buyer Agency
  • A brief, but important history of Buyer Agency.
  • REAA Buyers Agent Information Sheet 8 April 2013 updated.pdf
  • Client benefits of Buyer Agency; not a very D.I.Y. approach.
  • U.S. Buyer Agent's Association (
  • Agents are actually making money doing this in the U.S., Australia, & U.K.
  • Want to try Buyer Agency; start by forgetting some things
  • Quite A Few Words About Buyer Agency & Privacy
  • Sample Buyer Agency Videos
  • Sample Buyer Agent Video Number 1
  • Sample Buyer Agent Video Number 2
  • Sample Buyer Agent Video Number 3
  • How It Should Never Be Done!
  • Agent Slideshows and Powerpoint Presentations
  • Real Estate Buyer Agency Agreements Presentation
  • Buyer Agency Slideshow Sample #2
  • Buyers Are Liars or Are They
  • Buyers Agency Agreement
  • REAA Code of Conduct
  • Exclusive Buyer Agency Defined
  • Where to from here?
  • REEBA - Australia
  • The Buyer Agent's View of Property Condition
  • Content Review - Self Assessment
  • Buyer Agency - Attitude Survey
  • A few words about Commissions as it relates to Buyer Agency
  • Buyer Agent
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever